Client Profile: Home Professionals, Inc.

Powerhouse Services Provided: Business Growth – Remote Executive Assistant Support

“Powerhouse Planning is a pleasant, professional, and enjoyable team to work with. The Powerhouse team works hard to build relationships with their clients in order to understand client needs and deliver services effectively. We have utilized their services on several different occasions with excellent results, and we look forward to working with them again as future needs arise.”

– Jeffrey Garza, General Manager, Home Professionals, Inc.

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Client Profile: Coastal Peach Interiors

Powerhouse Services Provided: Website Development and Design

“Everyone I interacted with at Powerhouse was knowledgeable and professional. They are all on top of their game and provide superior services. The website they designed for me was well above my expectations! I will absolutely be using them again in the future for more of my business needs. Powerhouse is an impressive company that goes above and beyond in professionalism and performance. Their charitable giving is also inspirational and encouraging!”

– Beth Soto, President, Coastal Peach Interiors


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Client Profile: Operation: Job Ready Veterans

Powerhouse Services Provided: Nonprofit Retainer Support

“Working with the Powerhouse team has been an invaluable solution for our organization. Throughout their time with us they have provided outstanding customer service, directly impacting our organization’s ability to fulfill our mission. They are a team full of military spouses and veterans who completely understand the needs of our clients. They have shown compassion for our clients and our team, and they have consistently been extremely flexible in this challenging time and period of growth. Working with Powerhouse has been a genuine partnership where they have joined our team and filled critical supporting roles with team-oriented passion and flexibility whenever necessary. This has allowed our small full-time staff to focus on the needs of our clients, increasing our efforts and efficiency. As a growing nonprofit, OJRV, along with our entire remote team, has found Powerhouse to be the perfect solution.”

– Gene Anderson, Executive Director, Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV)

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Client Profile: Green Vet Homes/Living Off Rentals

Powerhouse Services Provided: Company Development and External Communications

“The best part of working with Powerhouse is the comprehensive nature of the team. I can discuss the business as a whole and what the needs are, rather than a narrowly defined role that only handles one aspect of the business. Powerhouse has been key in getting me to start thinking outside of just what I’m capable of as a solopreneur.”

– Kirby Atwell, Green Vet Homes/Living Off Rentals

Learn more about our partnership here: Hiring a Virtual Team for Your Rental Property Business

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Client Profile: Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation

Powerhouse Service Provided: External Communications

“Jessica Bertsch and the Powerhouse team fully exceeded our expectations by planning our #GivingTuesday social media campaign within a very short timeframe. The creative and conceptual designs were excellent, and we enjoyed working with Jess and her team. Thank you for helping us reach our #GivingTuesday goal and laying the groundwork for future social media campaigns!”

– Courtney Stafford, Director of Advancement, Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation


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Client Profile: Coastal Addiction

Powerhouse Service Provided: External Communication

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jessica and the Powerhouse Planning team. Building a business is difficult, but building a business from halfway around the world is even more challenging. The Powerhouse team has been an instrumental part of every step of the process, from the initial planning and design phase, to website layouts, and more. Jessica has made me feel like a top priority and has worked diligently to answer every question and concern that has arisen. If you want a top-tier team to help you build a successful venture, then Jessica and the Powerhouse Planning team is your one-stop shop. I truly appreciate all of their care, time, and attention to something that has been taken from a dream to a reality.”

– Tommy Bowling, President, Coastal Addiction

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Client Profile: The Children’s Hunger Project

Powerhouse Service Provided: Day of Giving Campaign

“Jessica and her team have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only did they take the time to truly understand what we needed to get done, but they also worked very quickly to get some of our items done right away. The brand standards that they developed for us were useful immediately. Their assistance with some of our campaigns really helped us track our progress.”

– Keith Gee, Executive Director, The Children’s Hunger Project

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Client Profile

“Jessica and her team are willing to listen to our ideas and help us go in the direction that best serves our veterans! They are willing to help in areas that are beyond contractual need as well. The team’s communication is succinct, timely, and focus-driven. Thank you!”

– Adena Vaughn, Director of Human Resources, Operation: Job Ready Veterans

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Client Profile:

“I hired Powerhouse when I needed help with a large rebranding effort. I knew Powerhouse would come through on time and on budget, and I wasn’t disappointed! I love working with confident, positive, action-oriented team members, which is exactly what Jess has assembled. Plus, I fully support the mission of Powerhouse to create employment opportunities for military spouses. What better way to give back to those who give so much other than to provide mobile careers they can pick up and move wherever the military sends them?”

-Rissa Reddan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, PayNet, Inc.

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