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  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Grant Writer

  • Content/Technical Writer

  • Web Designer
  • Blog Writer

  • Administrative/Executive Assistant Support

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Assurance

POWERful Team Testimonials

There are many times when a moment catches you by surprise and you reflect on exactly what decisions brought you to this exact place and time. In the time I have been with Powerhouse, I have had many such moments. Inevitably, a smile creeps up my face and I whisper, “Today was made possible by Powerhouse. Thank you.” I couldn’t be more grateful to have found such a vibrant, caring, creative, and flexible work family. Powerhouse allows me the opportunity to exercise my assorted skills, foster a sense of purpose, and contribute to both society and my family’s income all on a flexible schedule. When I applied to Powerhouse all I was expecting was a job—simply a way to earn money for services performed. Yet what I found in the amazing company Jess has painstakingly built was so much more! An environment full of encouragement, passion, integrity, kindness, and family. I couldn’t be prouder to call Powerhouse my work “home,” and I look forward to tomorrow being another amazing day, “made possible by Powerhouse!”

Anne Jeanene Bengoa,
Grant Writer and Graphic Designer

I am truly thankful to have found a “work home” at Powerhouse Planning. Powerhouse is exactly what I needed in my life: a fulfilling job with flexible work hours, interesting contracts/clients, and a group of supportive colleagues who are like “family”! Powerhouse Planning has enabled me to support and spend time with my family but also have a career that I enjoy every day. Not only has the owner, Jessica, given me clients for which I can showcase my skills, she also has given me the opportunity to learn new skills to broaden my marketability with other clients. My supportive and friendly colleagues really make Powerhouse one of the best places to work! Getting to know them and learning from them have made me a better person and colleague. The open, friendly—but professional—atmosphere at Powerhouse is a true testament to Jessica’s nature and approach to running her company.

Amy Lee,
Client Care Manager and Proud Military Spouse (retired)

I am so grateful to be a part of team Powerhouse. I spent nearly two years as a Powerhouse superfan, following on social media and seeing the incredible work they do. Finally, in February 2022, Powerhouse found a place for me. Since then, I’ve served in various roles and worked with incredibly talented and kind people. I look forward to “going” to work every day, using my skills and talents, and learning new things, too! My role at Powerhouse gives me the opportunity to put my hard-earned education to work while also having the flexibility to be available for my family. I can’t say enough about the amazing work Powerhouse does and what a blessing it is to work on the team.

Maria Mitchell,
Powerhouse Operations Director and Proud Military Spouse

When I’m asked what I do, I just say “marketing” because I get to do a little bit of everything working at Powerhouse Planning. While many organizations want you to “stay in your lane,” Jessica Bertsch has fostered an environment where you can grow in your personal career goals—which leads to excellent client outcomes. I’ve been so fortunate to work for Powerhouse since 2016, and I never thought I would have such a fulfilling career, especially as a military spouse. I used to mourn not working a traditional 9-to-5 in an office, but, looking back, I would have never gained the skills and experience I have outside of my powerful time at Powerhouse. I also have a healthy work-life balance and don’t feel like I have to choose between my career and having a life well lived. I cannot say enough about the Powerhouse Planning team and the incredible opportunities working with them affords.

Jessica Yost,
Strategic Marketing Consultant and Proud Military Spouse

I am so pleased to have found my place at Powerhouse Planning. The clients are interesting, projects are varied, and most importantly—the people I get to work with are all amazing people. “Going to work” in a fully remote environment can make it difficult to feel connected; however, Powerhouse has mastered the small-office feel while making it fit into a flexible, constantly changing lifestyle. With so many teammates being military spouses or veterans, it makes sense that service and giving back are such large parts of who Powerhouse is. I love that Powerhouse is so committed not only to giving back to nonprofits and other worthy causes, but also to empowering Powerhouse freelancers to have opportunities to grow and learn new things. I am proud to be a part of Powerhouse.

Sarah Zerr,
Project Manager, Veteran, and Proud Military Spouse

I’ve witnessed the tremendous success of Powerhouse from its inception, though I only became a member of the Powerhouse family in December 2016. From the beginning, Jess and the amazing talent she discovers have made Powerhouse more of a world-wide family than just an incredibly exceptional place to work. Each Powerhouse employee is made to feel like a significant contributor to the company’s success, and our clients are among the best on the planet. Add in the fact that Powerhouse allows me to have a truly portable career, enabling me to find a perfect balance between work and home, and I feel like I won the lottery the day I was hired! With such a diversity of talented coworkers doing such fantastic things from literally anywhere, Powerhouse is truly the Little Engine that DOES, every day, everywhere. I’m just so honored to be a tiny, tiny part of that commitment, dedication, and success.

Heatherlynn Akins,
Technical Writer and Proud Military Spouse (retired)

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the amazing team at Powerhouse Planning. When I became a military spouse, I vowed to support my husband’s service and sacrifices—which meant undertaking a series of geographical moves across the country and eventually overseas. I wondered if I could ever again have a successful and fulfilling career while navigating this new sea state of military life and motherhood. I held hope that I would again find an organization with the level of leadership I had been accustomed to in my early career, but also one that would empower me to maintain a career—wherever our military service would take us. After several years of searching for the best fit, I found Powerhouse, and it stood out like a brilliant lighthouse through a deep fog. I am impressed by the leadership and teamwork evidenced daily, and I feel fortunate to work with such a talented group of individuals. Powerhouse has given me the opportunity for meaningful work, unparalleled work-life balance, and the chance to learn and grow in a career that can go wherever we are called to serve. Thank you, Jessica Bertsch. Thank you, Powerhouse.

Julie Kirchner,
Technical Writer and Proud Coast Guard Spouse