• What services does Powerhouse provide?
  • Services If you really want something done, but you don’t see it, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Our team is extremely talented! You want a person who types while hula-hooping? You wish your IT person had a sense of humor? You wish your graphic designer gave you a TON of options? You’ve come to the right place!
  • Why is Powerhouse a cheap cost-effective option for my company?
  • When you work with us there is little to no overhead…that’s how we save you the big bucks. And, yes—you’re welcome in advance!


  • What does Powerhouse clientele look like?
  • Fabulous, of course! Ok…ok…here are a few more details: Powerhouse creates and executes business/marketing projects/programs for small to mid-size businesses. (Side note: We will still work with you even if you’re “big business.”)
  • So when you say you’re awesome…what does that mean?
  • We commit to the following for all our clients:

    • Transparent work. You will have access to all text files the team develops.
    • Content ownership. All work completed is yours to keep. Per individual contract, we will leverage agreed-upon materials for select Powerhouse marketing materials.
    • We’re a team. Each month we will work together to develop clear action items to proceed toward your company or project goals.
    • Honesty. When we outline the scope of work for each project, month, or quarter, we are committed to keeping the company on task to achieve its goals. If we feel you need to expand or reduce the scope of work, we will coordinate with you to prioritize tasking to continue driving the company toward success. It is always our goal to work within the agreed-upon budget, but at times we will need to work together to manage resources accordingly.
    • Communication. We do it all! Phone (yes, we still believe in talking), text, email, Skype, and face-to-face. Whatever you prefer (and outline in the client profile you provide), that is how we will communicate.
    • Restricted competing clientele. We will communicate with you before bringing on another client in the same industry to ensure they are not a direct competitor. We will never bring on another client that directly competes with our current client base.
    • Love us, or let us know. If at any point you are unhappy with our service, please make sure we are informed. Once we know the problem, we will work with you to adapt our style to meet your needs.


  • Who does the project work my company needs to have done?
  • Elves and garden gnomes. Totally kidding (please tell me you knew that was a joke!). We aim for 80 percent of our freelance team to be military spouses and veterans. Regarding their skill set and talent, they are rock stars who just need flexibility.
  • Where is the work/project(s) done?
  • Worldwide. You determine if your freelance team needs to be local, but if not, you will be working with a remote team that is qualified and ready to work for you!