External communications can cover a wide variety of audiences and mediums, all of which are important for you to understand and know how to use effectively.

For a fairly comprehensive look at external communications essentials and tips on using them when starting or running a business, check out Santa Clara University’s website for their MyOwnBusiness Institute.

If you need resources or help discovering how to best communicate with your customers, sponsors, boards, etc., Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) may have just what you’re looking for. This site covers everything you might need to know about communicating during COVID-19 and directly after. In addition, you can gain the basics on crisis communication techniques.

As always, Powerhouse has plenty of resources available to help you with both traditional and outside-the-box tips on how to improve external communications.

Overwhelmed or unsure of where to start? Powerhouse can help with everything from crafting press releases, to setting up websites and engaging effectively on social media, to composing annual reports to keep investors and others in the know and excited about your business. Contact us today to see how our business development services can boost your external communications—and your business.

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