Time is not always on your side. There is a common misconception about the existence of a fictitious work-life balance. For business owners who are depleted of time, money, and resources, finding tools to maximize the return on investment of activities can make or break how successful you are in your personal and professional life. In response, technology is emerging to maximize productivity while minimizing wasted effort. Here are three trending digi-tools helping entrepreneurs with common business functions:

Toggl: Time is money, especially when you are paying employees for theirs. Toggl is a free time-tracking tool that helps you evaluate where the hours in the day are being spent. The visual tracking system allows users to see how long tasks take, who’s working on what, and what the current progress is on assigned projects.

Unroll.me: Who has time for an overwhelmed inbox? Email is one of the most common forms of communication among B2B, business to consumer, and managers with employees. Unroll.me is an effortless way to eliminate clutter and get rid of unwanted spam mail or correspondence that becomes too frequent. Instead of having to take the time to unsubscribe from everything you’ve ever signed up for, Unroll.me will do it for you.

Dropbox: This tool is especially useful for virtual teams. Dropbox lets teams collaborate more easily from any location and works as a backup system for files. Employees can work on the same projects and files without having to take up extra space on a hard drive.