If getting organized is part of your 2018 strategy, then there are some digitized tools that can help streamline processes in areas of operations, file management, and staffing. If you’re on the fence between adopting new systems, each of these offers free trials:

TSheets – If you’re running a virtual business—or have employees who are located offsite—keeping track of work hours can be a challenge. TSheets is a time-tracking tool with a mobile app that allows people to clock in and out on the go, even without cell coverage. Managers can clock people in/out as well, and admins can see who’s on the clock by location. Automation features include alerts, paid time off tracking, and holidays.

Evernote Scannable – Paper is so 2017. Consumers and businesses are inundated with data all the time. Even those who rely on a trusty physical notebook can benefit from sharing information digitally. Evernote Scannable is an app that lets you put everything in one place by scanning business cards, documents, notes, and other files quickly. The web clipper syncs between various devices, and users can also search through the images—including the stuff you have handwritten. There are paid plans that allow you to do more, but the basic plan gives a good trial run.

Zoho Recruit – If your business is growing this year, then you want to make sure you have the best people on your team. Recruitment can be a full-time job, which makes Zoho Recruit helpful for managing that process. There are several key features, including the ability to track applications, view resumes, look at information from interviews, and keep candidates updated through the process. One great bonus is that you can share notes and communicate with recruiters and your colleagues.