Remember when the best way to stay connected to your team was in-person meetings or conference calls? Well, the speed of technology has taken off and these tools are starting to seem archaic. With over 46% of employees working remotely, there is also a need for communication methods that keep up with the pace of today’s digital world.

Discussion forums – Have you ever had a question go unanswered or waited prolonged times to hear back from superiors? Information sharing between peers in a workplace can be extremely vital. New employees can be guided by veteran workers on learning what’s new or by answering a question they have experience in. A company discussion forum could also allow employees to discuss issues in the workplace as well as collaborate on current projects.

Company intranet – An intranet is a private hub that can only be accessed by those users with access. This should be a key form of communication with employees internally. Establishing an intranet lets employees stay up to date with company announcements and news, void of the burden all-hands emails create. Plus, supervisors can break down by department, making it easier to get to your designated area but also allowing the opportunity to learn about other areas.

Skype for Business – As painful as some meetings can be, we must admit that they are necessary. Those who work from home have no other choice then to use video conferencing when it comes to checking in. Skype for Business changes the way you gather with your team. You can present a meeting over your desktop video conference using the traditional IM feature to communicate quickly with team members and even to allow coworkers to control your desktop during presentations if needed.