Randi Cairns joins the Powerhouse Planning team as our content creator.randi - bucher pix-2

Randi Cairns is a consultant, nonprofit professional, and freelance writer. She is the Founder/CEO of On Call Mama, a business known for its unique ability to combine what’s best about business (efficiency and effectiveness, the good stewardship of resources, and getting your message out in a way that resonates with your intended audience) with what’s best about Mama (the one who’s always got your best interests at heart). Randi prides herself on her ability to help others shine in their personal and professional lives.

Randi has a Masters in Human Services with a specialty in Not-for-Profit Management. She has served vulnerable populations in numerous capacities for over twenty-five years. She’s been recognized by Babble.com as a “mom changing the world” and by Harlequin More Than Words as a “real-life heroine who is improving her community.” She’s the proud recipient of the National Infantry Association’s Shield of Sparta – Heroine of Infantry award and The Chapel of Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award.

Randi is one of the coauthors of “Stories Around The Table” and a frequent blogger in the military spouse space. She has written for NextGen MilSpouse, Spouse Buzz, Homefront United Network, and the Military Family Advisory Network. She’s also the part sassy/part inspirational voice of Throwing Pots & Pans – coming one day to a bookstore near you.