Roughly 80% of small businesses are utilizing social media, however only 39% of them update their sites “as needed,” according to research published in The Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness. Yet how do most of us search for a business when we need a new or new-to-us product? We open Google and “let [our] fingers do the walking,” as the old Yellow Pages commercials used to say.

Now, more than ever, we are relying on our computers, tablets, and smartphones to help us shop, conduct business, and basically stay connected in both our personal and business lives. Our external communications are key to helping us promote our businesses, shape perception, gain more sales, and (bottom line) grow our businesses.

Various external communication tools exist such as websites, blogs, live events and conferences, email and newsletters, press releases, and the ever-present social media. Not only are these critical to promoting our brands, but they are also crucial in helping us build loyal customer bases and generate new leads.

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