She’s a business coach, lawyer, and author… all of us can learn something from this dynamic entrepreneur!

rbrenkeRachel Brenke has created multiple successful businesses from the ground, up. As a lawyer and MBA, she is currently helping entrepreneurs all over the world initiate, strategize, and implement business and marketing plans through various mediums of consulting resources and legal direction. While specializing in photographers at TheLawTog and bloggers at BlogLegally, she has successfully helped business owners across various industries.

Q: What made you decide to start your own company?

A: Carrying a typical job was difficult while my husband was in the military, so I decided to go another way. I took my strong desire to help others, along with my drive, business, and legal training and put it all together to form my business.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge owning your own company?

A: At the beginning I thrived on being the person wearing all the hats…I loved it. As my business grew, however, it became evident that I couldn’t do everything forever. Reaching out and getting the help needed to keep everything moving successfully was one of my greatest business challenges.

Q: What has been the greatest reward in owning your own company?

A: The availability to be with my family and the quality of life that flexibility offers us. I LOVE that I’m able to pursue my passions but also be around for the little things for my kids.

Q: What’s a mistake you’ve made along the way you want other company owners to learn from?

A: Always ask for help; don’t get tied down in the idea that you can do everything. If you see something that you don’t HAVE to do with your own hands, get someone else to do it (if finances allow).

Q: What’s the best advice another company owner/mentor has ever given you?

A: Focus on the most important things as a whole, life and business. You may have different goals in your personal and professional life but pursuing each of them affects the other aspects of your life as well. Take the time to step back and look at the whole picture.

Q: What is the most important marketing tool you use?

A: My email list and my website work hand-in-hand together. For my line of work, they are the cornerstones of keeping in contact with potential clients.

Q: If you were given $200,000 to grow your business what would you do with the funds?

A: I would develop a new application and hire a few more people.

Q: What makes a successful company in your opinion?

A: Whenever the goals of the business owner are achieved – this is different from person to person.

Q: What’s your favorite business inspirational quote?

A: “You never know what you can accomplish until it’s sink or swim time.” – myself

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