It’s September, and we at Powerhouse are sincerely hoping you are back to experiencing a little bit of normal. If you aren’t, well, what is normal anyway? While you are celebrating your new normal, we are also celebrating here at Powerhouse. It’s our birthday month! Eight years ago, our intrepid leader Jessica Bertsch launched what has become a truly amazing, POWERful force for good in both the workplace and in communities around the world. In honor of our birthday, we have compiled a list of 20 reasons you need Powerhouse, covering a wide variety of perspectives and services.

1. We are always growing. We don’t rest on our laurels at Powerhouse. We are constantly adding to our list of services, our community outreach, and our ability to stay on top of what you need most.

2.  We are passionate about our clients. Of course, we wouldn’t exist without our clients. However, we truly want the absolute best for those with whom we partner. It’s not uncommon to find Powerhouse members actively supporting our clients outside of the business services we provide.

3. We are an entire team of experts. We all have our skill sets and the things we are good at doing. Jessica has assembled an entire stable of skill experts available to help with a vast variety of tasks. The best news? You get an entire team for the price of one employee (maybe even less)!

4. Nonprofits have our heart. We love all our clients, but we have a soft spot for our nonprofit clients. Powerhouse is about more than just the business acumen we offer; we are committed to being a force of light and good. So when we can help nonprofits, we are all in, especially when it comes to strategic planning, grant writing, or helping identify the most efficient way to spend the dollars available.

5. We are a true virtual TEAM. Yes, we are an entirely virtual workforce. Yes, we represent pretty much every region in America, but we are also a team in the true traditional workplace sense. We work closely together to ensure we are giving clients the best possible product. And if we have a ton of fun along the way, well, that’s just another way in which we are perfectly unique.

6. We are flexible. Not only are we able to pivot on a dime if a client needs us to, but we also provide flexible work hours for our freelancers. We want our freelancers to have the freedom to choose the work schedule that works for them so that they can also be the best in all aspects of their lives.

7. We rock “office attire.” In compiling a list of reasons why Powerhouse is the absolute best place to work, one of our freelancers asked if the fact that we can “go” to work in our fabulous athleisure attire counted. Of course it does. We know that if you’re comfortable, you’re going to be more productive. Rest assured, though, we do rock traditional office attire just as effectively.

8. We support military spouses. When Jessica started Powerhouse, she was passionate about being able to offer truly portable careers for our military spouses. We are proud of the fact that most of us are active or retired military spouses. For those of us who are not, we love the fact that we work with people who are often overlooked, overqualified, and underutilized.

9. We share the goodness. Powerhouse gives 10% of its annual profits to various charities around the world. Most are causes near and dear to our team members’ hearts, and we LOVE knowing we work for a company that feels strongly about being a force of good in the world.

10. We are career coaches. Have we mentioned that we are all-in with our clients? Besides providing on-time, fantastic products, we also offer career coaching. We are invested in our clients to the point that if we see something that can be improved, we will make sure to mention it (along with some ideas of how to make the change). We just can’t help wanting our clients to surpass their expected potential.

11. We are problem solvers. Need someone to take over the projects that are keeping you from focusing on your talents? That’s exactly why Powerhouse exists. You don’t even need to have all the logistics worked out. Just come to us with a vague idea of what you need, and we will turn it into more than you ever imagined it could be.

12. We are eternal optimists. Ask any of our freelancers and they will tell you that one of the best parts of working with Powerhouse is the positive, encouraging, uplifting team environment. We offer fulfilling work and positive affirmation that lets our freelancers know that they are appreciated and that we are a little in awe of their talents (okay, okay, a lot in awe).

13. We become part of your team. When you sign with Powerhouse, you gain additional team members. Seriously, we will most likely become your biggest fans as well as a virtual workforce helping you become all you can be. It’s definitely not uncommon to hear team members talking about how “we are the best” when referencing a client’s products and services. We really do feel like we are your team members, even if we never meet you in person!

14. We are marketing superstars. We get marketing. Whether it is traditional marketing or the more and more common online/social media marketing, we have got you covered. From graphic design to help with large-event planning or conference/trade show attendance, we can help you make the most of your marketing budget.

15. We are invested in the whole person. Our team members are more than just experts at what they do for Powerhouse. They are family members, parents, community volunteers, and more. We embrace that and want our freelancers to find the perfect work-life balance for them. From our president on down, everyone at Powerhouse is encouraged to make life a priority. It may just be one of the best parts of working here, knowing that if life happens, not only can we take the time to deal with it, but it’s absolutely going to happen with active backing from our Powerhouse coworkers as well.

16. If we don’t offer it, we will. Looking for help from a virtual team, but don’t see what you need on our services page? Just ask. Chances are we can find a way to make it happen. We grow where our clients need us. We are willing to bet our current freelancers have the skills you need, but if they don’t, we will find some who do.

17. We encourage growth. We strive to help our clients identify areas in which they can grow and improve (and offer the expertise to help them do so), and we do the same with our freelancers. When they are ready to grow and expand their skill sets, we are here to encourage them to do so. Most of our freelancers were hired for one skill set but have expanded their knowledge to become experts in other areas as well.

18. We are team builders. Not only is Powerhouse a dynamic team, but we also have the skills to help you improve your own teams. Company development is a bit of a passion for our founder, and she is adamant that every company can implement steps that will result in a stellar team. From hiring to mentoring to developing resources, Powerhouse can help you become the team of your dreams.

19. We lighten your load. In fact, we excel at it. We are comprised of a community of experts in our individual fields, plus we thrive together and grow together, which means we can take on the things that weigh you down so you can focus on the things that will make you grow and thrive.

20. We love what we do. Have we mentioned that? Helping clients be the best they can be while providing portable careers for some truly amazing freelancers all while investing in our communities and people just makes us jump out of bed in the morning. We love going to work (with some of the shortest commute times there are) because each day gives us the opportunity to know we are making a positive difference in our lives, our clients’ lives, and our communities. As cliché as it sounds, it really is what drives us and the reason we are celebrating another successful birthday.