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It’s Time to Talk Grammar

Common Grammar Errors

Oops Mistake Correction Key on Computer Keyboard

By: Jen McKee

When I sat down to write this column, the idea was to list the “top five” grammar mistakes. So I started to make a list of what I felt were the “top five” mistakes that rub me the wrong way. As I got going though, I realized I was going to go way over my word limit. I also realized that what I think are the most offensive errors may not be what others feel are the worst. Bottom line is that I will have to break this up over a series of columns over time. Please remember there is nothing scientific about this report – what I describe is not any sort of official ranking of grammar offenses. I’m just trying to share some that I see commonly and how to avoid them. (more…)

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I Thought I Poofed That!

Why Quality Assurance Matters
By: Jen McKee

driveWhy is quality assurance important? More and more, with the idea of trying to cut costs, an attempt at “streamlining” processes, or just trying to “get it out the door,” quality assurance appears to be getting left in the dust. We’re not speaking of quality control, or the oversight that must take place in industrial or production line-type activities. We’re talking about good old-fashioned proof reading: copy editing and text review. It seems to be happening less and less.

“I’ll just check it over myself before I send it out.”

“Nobody really pays attention anyway.”

These are two common “reasons” for skipping the “QA” step, but these reasons are flawed. (more…)

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