Founder Uses Technology to Streamline Functions of Business

By: Rebecca Alwine

Technology is making operations easier for business owners, though Shannon Siriano Greenwood admits digital cannot replace human capital.

“My iPhone is the only way I can do what I do,” Greenwood said. “As a business coach, I have the flexibility to be where I need to be.”

Greenwood is a serial entrepreneur. Technology has really helped her balance all her passions, including several businesses that she founded across several industries. And technology was instrumental in the success of her fitness studio, Boho Cycle Studio in Richmond, Virginia.

Technology that serves clients

When Greenwood launched her first business, she was balancing a full-time schedule with the opening of her new indoor cycling studio called Boho Cycle Studio. After just six months, the company was making a profit, and it received recognition as “Best Start Up” by Richmond Magazine. Soon, Greenwood found ways to streamline antiquated processes.

“Technology played a major role in the success of my fitness studio,” Greenwood said. To appeal to the desires of her customer base, she used MindBody—online management software that allows clients to reserve a space for class, which created an expedited experience and eliminated the inconvenience of arriving half an hour early to wait in line.


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Is your website visitor friendly? 50% of online sales are lost because consumers have trouble navigating the website, according to a survey by Forrester. The online community is inundated with information, and time is a precious commodity. Streamline your information by making it easy to find.

Powerhouse can help with that. Our team offers services for website development and maintenance. We can assist your brand in creating uniformity through consistent branding and clean webpages. See our full offerings at Powerhouse Services.

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Four Reasons to Have Consistent Branding

By: K.C. Hastings

Every minute, there are 290,000 new statuses on Facebook, and in just four years, 16 million local business pages have been created. Meanwhile, the Twitterverse is seeing rapid interaction with over 6,000 tweets per second. In the world of marketing, social media has become a highway with a traffic jam of people trying to get noticed. The question is, how can brands get people to remember their virtual billboard when shopping for their next product or service?

The key is a consistent brand strategy.

Uniform practices across traditional and digital platforms create brand recognition, which, in turn, increases return on investment (ROI). Here’s why:

They remember you.

The moment a need arises, whether it’s for a replacement product or a new dress for an event, potential consumers think about who the go-to person is. If they have seen your marketing consistently on social media—through Facebook-sponsored ads, for example—they are going to remember your company’s name. Instead of searching “place to buy a dress,” they’ll be searching for your store by name. People are more likely to trust a company they have heard of over a company whose advertising they’ve never seen.


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How to Be a Telecommute-Friendly Company

By: Jennifer Morrison

Remote career opportunities are replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar way of employing people.

According to a Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs report, the number of remote job positions has increased 115% in just the last 10 years. As telecommuting gains popularity, employees are looking to take advantage of this option. Many are going so far as to use it as a negotiation point either in accepting a new job or in lieu of a pay raise. While the benefits for employees seem obvious—no commute time, cost savings on commuting expenses and office attire, and a better work-life balance—employers may wonder, “What does it do for me?”

The benefits

There is an obvious cost savings to having employees conduct their responsibilities from the comfort of their homes (or coffee shops). Fewer employees in a physical office means there are lower overhead costs associated with in-house items, such as office space, supplies, and utilities. Healthcare costs are also diminished for remote workers. A Staples study of its employees found that those who telecommuted were less stressed and able to make healthier choices when compared with their experiences in a traditional office setting.


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Client Profile: Military Spouse Advocacy Network

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Powerhouse! They helped Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN) with a wonderful proposal that was a success. MSAN will be updating everyone on this proposal with a wonderful agency. Thank you, Powerhouse, for your support and professionalism and for making us feel part of your team…you are part of our success!”

– Verenice Castillo, Founder, Military Spouse Advocacy Network

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Tools to Maximize ROI

Time is not always on your side. There is a common misconception about the existence of a fictitious work-life balance. For business owners who are depleted of time, money, and resources, finding tools to maximize the return on investment of activities can make or break how successful you are in your personal and professional life. In response, technology is emerging to maximize productivity while minimizing wasted effort. Here are three trending digi-tools helping entrepreneurs with common business functions:

Toggl: Time is money, especially when you are paying employees for theirs. Toggl is a free time-tracking tool that helps you evaluate where the hours in the day are being spent. The visual tracking system allows users to see how long tasks take, who’s working on what, and what the current progress is on assigned projects. Who has time for an overwhelmed inbox? Email is one of the most common forms of communication among B2B, business to consumer, and managers with employees. is an effortless way to eliminate clutter and get rid of unwanted spam mail or correspondence that becomes too frequent. Instead of having to take the time to unsubscribe from everything you’ve ever signed up for, will do it for you.

Dropbox: This tool is especially useful for virtual teams. Dropbox lets teams collaborate more easily from any location and works as a backup system for files. Employees can work on the same projects and files without having to take up extra space on a hard drive.

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NONPROFIT PROFILE: Healing Household 6

By: Randi Cairns

Almost daily, people can expect to be bombarded with the latest news report, research, or commentary about how technology is a curse. We hear how we’re less connected to each other now than we’ve ever been before and how we’ve become so reliant on computers and social media that we’ve forgotten how to interact with each other in meaningful ways.

Well, one small—but mighty—nonprofit is turning those ideas on their heads by using digital tools to strengthen their nonprofit’s mission.

Healing Household 6 (HH6) connects caregivers of American veterans with the essential resources needed to strengthen the family support foundation. Their goal is to build resilient households by focusing on the wellbeing of the whole family, helping alleviate household tension, and empowering caregivers and children. They offer programs for domestic violence assistance, emergency financial assistance, and peer support for caregivers of wounded warriors. They also partner with other organizations to provide services and retreats to children of wounded warriors.


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