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Entrepreneur Uses Digital Tools to Grow Business Academy

By: Rebecca Alwine

“Facebook is the one piece of technology I use every day,” Kayla Roof said.

Roof, a business advisor and creator of The Work from Anywhere Business Academy™, praises technology and social media and has used both to launch several successful ventures. As a military spouse and entrepreneur, she knows just how important it is to be able to communicate with clients—and market to customers—no matter where she is.

Leveraging social media

Since 2005, Roof, who earned an MBA from San Diego State and a BBA in marketing from the University of Georgia, has been helping companies develop by using social media. By 2012, she started her own firm. Then, two years later she launched TheNavyMom.com and turned her blog into a television show. Today, as the creator of The Work from Anywhere Business Academy, Roof helps other business owners thrive by offering classes, programs, and online trainings.

“I have a [Facebook] group with all of my customers where I provide extra help and guidance. I provide education through Facebook Live, and I utilize Facebook ads to reach a larger audience,” Roof said.

Social media is what really helped her get started. “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have all been essential in creating relationships with potential customers and driving traffic to my website. I teach classes to people all around the world, and I’m able to do so by utilizing Zoom meetings and webinars,” she added.


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Recycling old content has proven value. Roughly half of bloggers surveyed by Orbit Media Studios say they update former blog posts, but 74% report getting increased traffic from this tactic.

No matter what stage of the life cycle you are in, you likely have dozens of blogs to source through. Rather than approaching those posts like one-time assets, update them with a refresh strategy—especially with new tools in the toolbox, like SEO, video, and images. Powerhouse Planning offers contributed articles drafting among its many services. Contact us today to get quotes on how to devise a 2018 content marketing strategy that increases your bottom line.

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How to Pivot Your Business

By: Lakesha Cole

It’s easy to become attached to the business idea you had when you first started. But what happens when that idea isn’t producing the number of zeros you were used to making (i.e., that time I built and ran a six-figure business in another country where I didn’t even speak the native language)?

Bottom line, the market is what drives business. As the needs of the customer change, we must be willing to pivot to continue to accommodate the customer.


In November of last year, we celebrated the one-year opening of She Swank Too in Jacksonville, NC. Despite all of the data and market research we conducted, something wasn’t clicking. Halfway


through the year, we knew we needed to build something that was more than just a place for people to shop. That said, most military towns are known to be more of the same. A mix of low-budget strip clubs, pawn shops, cheap bars and motels, used-car lots, tacky strip malls, big box stores, and way too many fast food restaurants. We had our work cut out for us.

Business wasn’t flowing the way we were used to. Progress was stagnant. We knew we needed to create something more meaningful and valuable: a community. A place where other local entrepreneurs would have the freedom to pursue their business in a professional environment and to perfect their craft. A place where customers felt like home.


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Four Ways to Reassess Your Business Strategy in 2018

By: Jennifer Morrison

Time does not stand still for anyone or anything, including your business. As changes in the market, laws, and society take place, your business must adapt and align itself with shifting trends. A new year is a prime opportunity to take a step back, conduct an analysis of your company’s overall strategy, and decide if it’s time to reset.

What are you proud of and what needs improvement? One of the most difficult parts of reflection for anyone is acknowledging your successes and failures. This line of thinking is such an important part of evaluation and planning, though. Looking at the full picture allows you to continue leveraging and funding the resources that work, while cutting back on those that don’t. Was your infrastructure unable to keep up with client demand? Are you and your employees spread too thin? Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your accomplishments or milestones, even if they don’t specifically relate to your overall goals. If you were able to recognize that you needed additional help, and in turn hired the right talent, congratulate yourself and make sure you’re optimizing those additional resources.


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Client Profile: Bloom Kids Collection

Powerhouse Service Provided: External Communication

“We love working with PH! We’re so thankful to have found a marketing team that can see our vision like we see it and that we are able to trust to ‘run with it.’ The service and professionalism has been top-notch, and we couldn’t be happier.” – Ashley Jones, co-owner of Bloom Kids Collection

 Interested in learning how we can help your company grow? Email us at admin@powerhouseplanning.com. We’d love to be on your team!

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Tools to Get Organized

If getting organized is part of your 2018 strategy, then there are some digitized tools that can help streamline processes in areas of operations, file management, and staffing. If you’re on the fence between adopting new systems, each of these offers free trials:

TSheets – If you’re running a virtual business—or have employees who are located offsite—keeping track of work hours can be a challenge. TSheets is a time-tracking tool with a mobile app that allows people to clock in and out on the go, even without cell coverage. Managers can clock people in/out as well, and admins can see who’s on the clock by location. Automation features include alerts, paid time off tracking, and holidays.

Evernote Scannable – Paper is so 2017. Consumers and businesses are inundated with data all the time. Even those who rely on a trusty physical notebook can benefit from sharing information digitally. Evernote Scannable is an app that lets you put everything in one place by scanning business cards, documents, notes, and other files quickly. The web clipper syncs between various devices, and users can also search through the images—including the stuff you have handwritten. There are paid plans that allow you to do more, but the basic plan gives a good trial run.

Zoho Recruit – If your business is growing this year, then you want to make sure you have the best people on your team. Recruitment can be a full-time job, which makes Zoho Recruit helpful for managing that process. There are several key features, including the ability to track applications, view resumes, look at information from interviews, and keep candidates updated through the process. One great bonus is that you can share notes and communicate with recruiters and your colleagues.

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NONPROFIT PROFILE: Project Sanctuary

By: Kylie Hastings

A regular sight in today’s media includes the standard surprise homecoming video. A military member comes home unexpectedly and surprises loved ones in a fun way, leaving everyone drowning in happy tears. Sounds lovely, right? Unfortunately, reunions are much harder than the television showcases, and when the cameras turn off—and it is time for reintegration—real life can tell a less-than-happy story.

Many families feel confused, frustrated, and alone as they try to readjust to “normal” family life. As the military community marks 16 years since conflicts began in Afghanistan and Iraq, organizations are focusing efforts on helping service members get through the challenges of post-deployment. One such group, Project Sanctuary, a Colorado-based nonprofit corporation, took it a step further to look at the needs of the family as a whole.

Founder Heather Ehle, whose background is in nursing, noticed a lack of support for all members of the military family as it relates to reintegration, so rather than watch from the sidelines, she crafted a solution. She started Project Sanctuary in 2007 with the goal of establishing an evidence-based program that encompasses spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.


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