Client Profile: Nomades

NomadeslogoFINALJUNE2014The Powerhouse team works with businesses to provide company development in a variety of ways.

  • Company teambuilding
  • Professional development plans
  • Hiring (plans and processes)
  • Project management
  • Talent management
  • Departmental mentoring/coaching
  • Accountability partnering
  • Orientation (and ongoing training)
  • Process/resource development
  • Corporate speaking engagements/facilitation

This year we’ve been fortunate to work with Nomades by facilitating their annual corporate leadership retreat and our president was featured as keynote speaker at their annual conference.

Rumor has it Nomades thinks we’re pretty good. Check out what Christy DeWitt (Nomades Director of Business Development) has to say about us! (more…)

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Client Profile: Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed

daddysdeployedThe Powerhouse team works with companies to develop full-scale marketing plans. Our plans include:

  • Mission statement, vision statement, and core value development (if needed)
  • Company overview
  • Products and services overview
  • Future products and services recommendations
  • Market research and competition findings
  • Marketing goals and objectives recommendations
  • Recommended marketing types
  • Action plan
  • Evaluation recommendations
  • Final projects and budget (if applicable)
  • Resources (you know where all our findings come from)
  • Appendix (anything additional we find, you get that too!)

We’re flattered to hear what Bridget (CEO of Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed, LLC) has to say about us! (more…)

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