Statement from Powerhouse Regarding Momma’s Best Homemade

It was recently brought to our attention that Tammy Mason, CEO of Powerhouse client Momma’s Best Homemade, pled guilty in November 2014 of multiple charges from her time working at The Navy Seal Foundation. We knew she was under investigation the month following her contract signing, but were not aware she had pled guilty prior to signing. We value our strong ties with the military community and therefore felt it in the best interest of Powerhouse and our other clients to cancel our contract with Momma’s Best Homemade. Powerhouse was founded to provide military spouses and veterans jobs worldwide. We seek to create partnerships with our clients that are based on honesty and integrity, and we hope our current clients, followers and fans understand our stance and support the tough decision we had to make. We have no further comments on this matter and all questions regarding Tammy Mason/Momma’s Best Homemade should be sent to her directly.